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Revitalisation of Brownfields through PPP

October 25, 2011

Contractual Organisation of the Cooperation between Public and Private Actors


Project Characteristics

October 25, 2011

12 Pilot Projects in 7 Countries


Project Evaluation

October 25, 2011




2. ACT4PPP Newsletter

Dear reader,

I´m very pleased to present you the second newsletter of the EU-funded project ACT4PPP – Transnational Action for Public Private Partnership.

The issue of the development and qualification of appropriate forms of sustainable and productive cooperation between public and private entities is on the agenda in many European countries in the context of limited resources and tight finances. But in reality, for public administrations it is often associated with a complex and challenging process to put public private partnership into action. This is why the ACT4PPP project is very important to assist cities and regions in finding solutions in a strong transnational cooperation.

Bild 1. newsletter

1. ACT4PPP Newsletter

Dear Readers,

I´m very pleased to present you the first newsletter of the EU-funded project ACT4PPP – Transnational Action for Public Private Partnership.

Starting point for elaborating an EU-wide project regarding the topic of Public Private Partnership was that many cities and regions are increasingly challenged by their responsibility to provide public services and infrastructure, to offer social housing or to develop brownfield sites. To fulfil their responsibilities also in future, public institutions search for private partners to cooperate with in any kind of an institutionalised partnership.



Flyer ACT4PPP, March 2009

Flyer ACT4PPP, April 2009

... what for 

ACT4PPP strives to enhance and improve the targeted use of PPP models for regional and urban redevelopment. Due to the prevailing financial, structural, demographic and territorial challenges one major political aim of all levels of government is to reinforce the involvement of the private sector in the provision of public services and infrastructures. In this context PPP is promoted as a modern and efficient approach ensuring a longterm cooperation between public authorities and private actors aiming at planning, development, financing, maintenance and ....


ACT4PPP flyer of the German state programm "transnational cooperation"

Stärke Städte und Regionen durch öffentlich-private Zusammenarbeit

Viele Städte und Regionen haben immer mehr damit zu kämpfen, wirtschaftliche Umstrukturierungsprozesse, städtische Erneuung maßnahmen oder schlichtweg die generelle Daseinsvorsorge zufriedenstellend zu gewährleisten. Die Gründe dafür sind nicht zuletzt die sich ändernden strukturellen, finanziellen und demographischen Rahmenbedingungen, welche die öffentlichen Haushalte stark unter Druck setzt.

LEG Thüringen - Bild Flyer.jpg

Flyer LEG Thüringen - Revitalisation of brownfields through PPP

In Thüringen sind rund 7.200 Brachflächen mit einem Umfang von 6.800 Hektar erfasst. Eigentümer, Immmobilienmarkt und Kommunen sind aufgrund der Anzahl und des Umfangs der Brachflächen insbesondere in ungünstigen Lagen überfordert, die Standorte einer Nutzung zuzuführen.
Im Rahmen von ACT4PPP betreut die LEG Thüringen geeignete Modellstandorte in ganz Thüringen. Das Projekt ACT4PPP bereitet den Weg , um mit PPP neue Wege in der Nachnutzung von Brachflächen zu beschreiten.

Flyer CENTRAL EUROPE, February 2008

Flyer CENTRAL EUROPE, February 2008


CENTRAL EUROPE is a new EU programme that encourages transnational cooperation among the countries of Central Europe to improve innovation, accessibility and the environment and to enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of cities and regions. The CENTRAL EUROPE programme invests € 231 million to provide funding to projects carried out in partnership involving national, regional and local institutions from ...



Pilot Project Sopot

Engaging private partners in the renovation concepts for a horse race track


Pilot Project Poznan

Upgrading an urban social living quarter


Pilot Project Bedzin

Reuse concepts for a European industrial heritage - the cement mill "Grodziec"


Pilot Project Venice

Reuse of the former military complex "Forte Marghera"


Pilot Project Thuringia

Revitalisation of brownfields through PPP


Pilot Project Schwerin

Urban development of a waterfront site for housing and recreation purposes by PPP - "Waisengärten"


Pilot Project Rostock

Revitalisation of a former museum into a prospering cultural object


Pilot Project Ostrava

Revitalisation of a "social" brownfield - the "Hrušov Zone"