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Dear Readers,

I´m very pleased to present you the first newsletter of the EU-funded project ACT4PPP – Transnational Action for Public Private Partnership.

Starting point for elaborating an EU-wide project regarding the topic of Public Private Partnership was that many cities and regions are increasingly challenged by their responsibility to provide public services and infrastructure, to offer social housing or to develop brownfield sites. To fulfil their responsibilities also in future, public institutions search for private partners to cooperate with in any kind of an institutionalised partnership.

ACT4PPP provides a platform for cities and regions from all over Central Europe to exchange PPP knowledge and experiences. 17 project partners from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia are working together on the common main project goals and the implementation of 12 local pilot projects.

Due to the gained knowledge the project partners will be able to develop individual solutions for their projects regarding planning, development, financing, maintenance and operation. For this reason, the project outlines different kind of cooperation between public and private actors and examines PPP models for spatial development measure.

Furthermore in the course of ACT4PPP a PPP competence network will be established, gathering PPP experts from various public and private levels, backgrounds and regions. This competence network will remain accessible after the project end, so that project partners and further interested actors can benefit from the PPP expertise.

In the first edition of our newsletter among others we will inform you about ACT4PPP pilot projects and provide knowledge from the PPP expert institution who accompanies ACT4PPP.

Enjoy reading!

Please also have a look on our project webpage www.act4ppp.eu or order the general project flyer.

Kind regards

Roman Petrusek
Lead Partner ACT4PPP / Managing Director BVLEG e.V.

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