2. ACT4PPP Newsletter


Dear reader,

I´m very pleased to present you the second newsletter of the EU-funded project ACT4PPP – Transnational Action for Public Private Partnership.

The issue of the development and qualification of appropriate forms of sustainable and productive cooperation between public and private entities is on the agenda in many European countries in the context of limited resources and tight finances. But in reality, for public administrations it is often associated with a complex and challenging process to put public private partnership into action. This is why the ACT4PPP project is very important to assist cities and regions in finding solutions in a strong transnational cooperation.

In the frame of ACT4PPP 17 partners from 7 countries with 12 pilot projects substantiate these questions, both on the ground with local and regional partners as well as on the transnational level through the exchange and capitalisation of knowledge. They are jointly discussing questions concerning PPP processes, elaborate appropriate strategies for qualifying the development of the pilot projects and work with the assistance of experts on legal frameworks, contractual models, operating structures and gain important information on the political environment.

Within the last year the project ACT4PPP has developed a wide variety of activities and thus promotes the development of the pilot projects in a strong way. At the Second Public International PPP Forum in Poznan in September 2010 the partners and experts from different Central European countries discussed various topics, including funding opportunities, the investor search and PPP contracts. As one crucial starting point for all PPP Processes turned out the question, how to find the most appropriate investor to realise the joint project.

In this newsletter you will find a report about the PPP Forum in Poznan, an interview with Krzysztof Fijalkowski, ECE Projektmanagement Polska Sp. z o.o, a European-wide acting project developer, news from the pilot projects and furthermore event information on the subject of PPP. In order to foster the exchange of knowledge as well as to broaden the transnational qualification of the pilot projects, a European network of PPP experts is on the way of getting established. It will endure after the end of the project ACT4PPP. The first experts are already here with their expertise.

Enjoy reading! Please also have a look on our project webpage www.act4ppp.eu. You can also order the general project flyer.

Kind regards

Christian Huttenloher
Thematic coordinating partner ACT4PPP / Secretary General DV e.V.

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