Statutární mesto Ostrava
Prokesovo nam. 8
CZ-72930 Ostrava

Vaclav Palicka
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City of Ostrava

The City of Ostrava, located in the north-eastern tip of the Czech Republic, is the third largest city in the Czech Republic. Its history and growth have been largely affected by exploitation and further usage of a high quality black coal deposits discovered in the region.

In 1994 Ostrava’s economy was shaken by the closure of all of the city’s coalmines and compensation in the other branches.This caused high unemployment. Since then, the local workforce has been retrained en masse, and Ostrava has successfully diversified, also due to entry of significant foreign investors to the City Home to three universities offering undergraduate and graduate programs in 12 faculties, education levels are fairly high and rising (10.5% of the population hold a university degree).