IER Institut za Ekonomska Raziskovana
Kardeljeva pl. 17
SI-1109 Ljubljana

Damjan Kavaš
phone: +386 (1) 5303856
fax: +386 (1) 5303874

IER Institute for Economic Research

The IER Institute for Economic Research is an autonomous research organisation founded in 1955. It is the largest economics institute in Slovenia and currently employs 17 researchers.

It is member of the EADI European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes and the WAITRO World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organisations. The research objectives of the Institute are closely connected with Slovenia’s EU integration and raising its international competitiveness.

At present the IER is engaged in research in regional economics, international trade, national competitiveness, economics of welfare, monetary economics, labour economics and econometric modelling. It also offers expertise and consulting services for management.