Gmina Miasta Sopotu
ul. Kosciuszki 25/27
PL-81-704 Sopot

Katarzyna Grzejszczak
phone: +48 (58) 5213760
fax: +48 (58) 5510133

Municipality of Sopot

The Municipality of Sopot, with a population of 40,000 inhabitants, is one of the most popular summer seaside resorts in Poland, visited by over 820,000 tourists every summer. 

It is located at the natural centre of the Tri-City urban agglomeration, which also includes Gdynia and Gdańsk. The Municipality is mainly concentrated on tourism development.

In the last few years the Municipality has started preparatory activities to modernise and rebuild the centre of Sopot to make the whole city more attractive to both tourists and residents. Investment projects started in 2006 and are still in progress.