Urban development of the former brewery area "Reininghaus" by a private investor


Participating Project Partners


Current Situation

The objective of the pilot project is a site of the former brewery “Reininghaus” located in the western part of the City of Graz. With its 100 ha it presents the biggest undearea located to the City. Graz-Reininghaus is basically a large greenfield site with various old industrial buildings.

Most of the area is accounted as commercial area but currently being used for agricultural purpose. 55 ha of the area are in the ownership of the real estate company and developer called ASSET ONE. South of this area there is a former military site called “Hummel Kaserne” which should be included in the restructuring process.



The general objectives is to find a convenient PPP model to develop the site to a prospering city district of high quality with urban diversity use (residential, work, education, cultural, entertainment) together with the owner ASSET ONE AG and the City of Graz by keeping public interests.

Besides cooperation with other departments of the City of Graz and with the Technical University for Architecture (institute for urban planning) the accompanying of scientific studies and research work for the planning area are also very important objectives.



Planned activities in general are:

  • urban planning framework Graz-Reininghaus - definition and development of an urban framework concerning integrated development and spatial structure of the planning area;
  • overall traffic concept for the area including surroundings as integral part of the Urban planning framework Graz-Reininghaus development and linking up the area to public transport, bicycle and footpaths;
  • concept for the green space in Graz-Reininghaus, experiencable green routes and green connections by linking up existing and planned green and free space in the surrounding of the urban space;
  • citizens participations for ensuring public interests