Revitalisation of a "social” brownfield" – the "Hrušov Zone"


Participating Project Partners


Current Situation

The Hrušov Zone in Ostrava is located in the north-east part of Ostrava, nearby the river Odra. The area can be described as a "social brownfield" as the buildings served as a housing area for workers. There was no direct production. During the 1990’s there was a partial displacement and this continued in 1997 after the huge flood.

Today there still exist some remains of constructions like houses or garages. Circa 50 % of property is owned by the City of Ostrava together with couple of national institutions. The City of Ostrava involved a private development group, the RPG RE Management, Ltd. (as an important owner of the plots within the site) into the process.



Main objective of the project is to develop a PPP model to redevelop the Hrušov Zone in combination with the use of EU funds. Therefore the partners will elaborate a masterplan concept for the possible future function of the Hrušov Zone. This pilot project could later be applicable for others project proposals in Ostrava.



The main output of the project will be a case study for the Hrušov Zone including a methodology for synergies of PPP methods and EU funds in the Czech Republic. Following activities will be carried out:

  • SWOT analyse of the Hrušov Zone for a brownfield revitalisation by PPP;
  • development of a partnership model and planning tools to structure a site development process