Revitalisation of brownfields through PPP


Participating Project Partners


Current Situation

According to a survey managed by the LEG Thüringen, in the year 2006 about 7.200 brownfield-sites with an area of 6.800 ha were listed in Thuringia. Due to the ongoing changes in the demographic and economic structures, the number of brownfields increases further. This has an adverse effect on the attractiveness of settlements for housing and commercial use and stands in contradiction to the ongoing greenfield development.

Public and private actors are in many cases interested in and would benefit from the re-use of brownfields. However, in many cases the re-use fails because of a lack of co-ordination between public and private interests.

Besides the project implementation LEG is also involved in the project coordination. As the Financial Management was assigned from the Lead Partner to LEG, the appointed Financial Manager will ensure a sound financial management of the whole project.



The project strives to unleash the potential of PPP for the re-use of brownfields. In order to facilitate and enhance the re-use of brownfield sites through PPP, LEG Thüringen will develop tools and general solutions applicable for the development of a larger number of sites.

The main objectives are: to exchange best-practice on brownfield-revitalisation through PPP on a transnational level, to explore brownfield-revitalisation through PPP in a transnational context, to develop recommendations for the policy and to give instructions for the implementation of PPP in this special context.



Main activities will be :

  • elaboration of indicators for brownfield development through PPP;
  • analysis of potentials of different brownfield sites on regional level;
  • stimulating public/private commitment and trust for brownfield regeneration;
  • concepts on cooperation structures for site development;
  •  development of PPP contract models;
  •  listing of financial sources for brownfield redevelopment