Installation of a photovoltaic plant on a landfill site


Participating Project Partners


Current Situation

After geological surveys and loading tests carried out in the selected soils, the dimensioning of photovoltaic plants has been started.  The next steps which the LAMORO agency will make under the project will be the elaboration of a model partner for the PPP able to realize and manage the project and showing specific roles, competence and responsibilities.



The main output of the pilot project is the elaboration of a Baseline Paper dealing with crucial issues of setting up PPP projects.



The main challenge of the project is primarily to give a new positive image to the town of Casale Monferrato, which had unfortunately for years its name inextricably linked to the establishment of the multinational "Eternit" specialized in the production of asbestos cement for construction.

The objectives during the ACT4PPP project are essentially three:

  1. Find an appropriate and practicable form of partnership with the private sector
  2. Repeat the best practice concerning the two exhausted dumps 
  3. Give greater visibility to the new positive image of the territory of Casale Monferrato

The most important goal is to identify models of PPPs in order to recover unutilized areas in an environmental sustainability view.