Reuse of the former military complex "Forte Marghera"


Praticipating Project Partners

Current Situation

Forte Marghera is a former military complex totally included in the territory of the Municipality of Venice and located in the part of the mainland of the city close to the industrial area. The fort has been bought by the Municipality of Venice from the Ministry of Defence. Marco Polo Systems geie was commissioned by the Municipality of Venice to do an evaluation of Forte Marghera and its future development. First guidelines for the recovery and the reuse have been set up and a plan for a territorial marketing through the involvement of private actors has been elaborated. In June 2008 the Municipality of Venice has published a “Call for Manifestation of Interest” for private actors to the use of areas of Forte Margehra in the frame of urban and architectonic valorisation of the former military complex.

Marco Polo system geie is Leader of the Work Package “Partnerships for `soft` public tasks” with deals with the assessment of possibilities of PPP within `soft` public tasks such as tourism, culture heritage or support infrastructure.



The aim of the pilot project in the frame of ACT4PPP is the reutilization of the Forte Marghera complex through PPP. Therefore a master-plan for the urban recovery of Forte Marghera will be prepared and a real tender will be realized



Main activities to reach the project goal are:

  • examination of the physical conditions of the fort;
  • analysis concerning the reuse and possible management structures;
  • communication and marketing strategy;
  • realisation of a tender