Reuse concepts for a European industrial heritage - the cement mill “Grodziec"


Participating Project Partners


Current Situation

The pilot project in Bedzin handles the Grodziec cement mill, a historical valuable industrial site. The cement mill has been developed out of coal mines, closed formally.

Today there are just a few historical buildings existing on the site of the former cement mill which urgently need to be restored. Most parts of the cement mill are owned by the Municipality of Bedzin, the remaining 15% are in private hands. Some areas of the cement mill with existing buildings were leased for shelters and warehouses.



The goal of the project is to establish new functions for the cement mill and to find the best solution for a management system.

Furthermore they aim for starting new business on the site. Therefore the Municipality of Bedzin will cooperate with the local inhabitants, architects, spatial planning experts and entrepreneurs.



During the project lifetime different activities are planned:

  • social and economic analyses;
  • elaboration of PPP models;
  • promotion programme (conferences, press information, website information);
  • Charette workshops