Engaging private partners in the renovation concepts for a horse race track


Participating Project Partners

Current Situation

The Hipodrom Sopot Sp. z o.o. (Hipodrom Sopot Ltd.) is a horse racing and equestrian sports facility situated on the southern border of Sopot. The racetrack is one of three such objects in Poland, with unique location, beautiful landscape and historical value. The facility is used for sports, recreation related to horse keeping and training, equestrian sporting events and four days of horse racing.

At present, Hipodrom Sopot does not use the facility to its full potential. Having lacked investment over recent years, the Hippodrome is in contrast to the fast developing centre of the city and to its own surroundings (e.g., a new neighbouring sports and entertainment hall). Subsequently Hipodrom Sopot was converted into a limited company.

Now the city and the new management discuss about a future usage of the Hipodrom to raise its attractiveness to tourists and to widen its functionality.



The main objective of the pilot project is to evaluate the current company and to find and implement a new management system for racetrack activities. The implementation of a PPP project for Hipodrom Sopot Ltd. will have a positive impact on the economic development of Sopot and on the prosperity of the Hippodrome.

In the longer term, the success of investment in Hippodrome’s infrastructure, within the frame of a PPP, might become a model to solve other investment needs of Sopot.



The first output achieved in the project’s execution is an internal potential analysis of the tourist infrastructure, including a preliminary assessment based on internal criteria for reorganising the Sopot racetrack by PPP. Additionally following activities will be carried out:

  • market research;
  • report on horizontal management structures for PPP;
  • two workshops on the subject’s institutional and financial models;
  • report on the most recommended option for Sopot (PPP model solutions);
  • operational programme for the chosen model resulting in a new management system for the Hipodrom