Strengthening private involvement in local social infrastructure projects


Participating Project Partners

Current Situation

There is no tradition of public-partnership projects in Slovenia. EU accession process, lack of public finance and the increased demand for public services led to the introduction of the law on Public Private Partnerships in the Republic of Slovenia at the end of 2006. This law became fully operable in 2007 when all the necessary laws were adopted.

Municipality of Ljubljana is at the forefront of PPP development in Slovenia. At the moment Municipality of Ljubljana is involved in several large PPP projects, including The Sports Park Stožice, Emonika City Center, and Partnership Šmartinska District Redevelopment. Nevertheless there is still space for smaller PPP projects in the fields of social care, tourism, culture, sport and others.



The general objective of the project is to assess possibilities to use PPP models for implementation of single (smaller) projects in the field of social infrastructure by analysing foreign and domestic experience. 



The IER Institute for Economic Research will:

  • Present short history of work on PPPs in Slovenia (strategic documents, legislation, establishment of the central PPP unit, implemented projects) and state of the art of policy framework for PPP in Slovenia: valid legislation, institutional support, activities of the Government, main on-going projects, problems, prospects.
  • Describe PPP developments in the Municipality of Ljubljana: description of the on-going projects, experiences gained (bad, good), institutional support, communication processes.
  • Propose possible PPP models for single smaller projects in Ljubljana in cooperation with the Municipality of Ljubljana based on the experience of other cities.