Goals and Results

ACT4PPP - Goals and Results

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ACT4PP strives to enhance and improve the targeted use of PPP models for regional and urban redevelopment. Due to the prevailing financial, structural, demographic and territorial challenges one major political aim of all levels of government is to reinforce the involvement of the private sector in the provision of public services and infrastructures. In this context PPP is promoted as a modern and efficient approach ensuring a long-term cooperation between public authorities and private actors aiming at planning, development, financing, maintenance and operation of projects of common public interest.

However, PPP often goes along with complex and difficult procedures and structures - especially in terms of financial, contractual and organisational arrangements, but also concerning the joint determination of strategic and political goals. Additionally, in many countries the legal and planning framework is still far from being supportive for an easy realisation of PPPs. Finally, regional and local authorities often lack specific know-how and skills for efficiently using the PPP tool.

That's where ACT4PPP starts and addresses both the potentials and shortcomings of PPPs within a structured transnational cooperation, exchange and learning process, in order to

  • further develop and disseminate suitable PPP models for specific issues and contexts;
  • improve local and regional capacities, expertise, structures and framework conditions for implementing PPPs;
  • increase the systematic and targeted application of PPP approaches in different fields of regional and urban development;
  • use EU Structural Funds or other financing resources for PPPs taking into account revolving funds models;
  • generally enhance the private involvement in territorial and urban development processes.

Being a transnational network, ACT4PPP will in particular showcase and promote the given opportunities of public private cooperation towards the national and international level and thus also plead for improving the existing framework conditions in order to ease the realisation of PPPs.


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The ACT4PPP project is elaborating complementary results and tools for PPP realisation - containing practical work, theoretical background information and good practice examples with training and expertise elements.

  • The pilot projects on local and regional level will have a high impact on the local PPP development, but will also be fruitful sources of experiences and know-how for the transnational work.
  • PPP framework know-how on legal and planning issues will serve as a theoretical guide for the pilot activities on PPPs within this network and for external actors.
  • The results of these pilot activities will be summed up together in the PPP compendium, a general guidebook, helpful for external interested actors wanting to get helpful hints how to structure a successful and sustainable public private partnership.
  • As a practical long-lasting tool the ACT4PPP network will elaborate a PPP training module, giving detailed experience on crucial elements for PPP implementation. This training module will be elaborated and tested during the ACT4PPP lifetime but will be available later on for the broad public.
  • Moreover, ACT4PPP will hold public forums regularly during the project lifetime. These broad discussions - open to all interested bodies - will emphasize crucial PPP topics.

To share the results and experiences with actors interested in PPP, the network will set up a PPP competence network, gathering PPP experts from various public and private levels, backgrounds and regions. With this tool, starting during the ACT4PPP project lifetime, experiences and know-how will remain accessible also after the project end and further regions and cities can benefit from the expertise being concentrated in PPP