New Panorama magazine out now: "Regional policy, an integrated approach – A 360° view"

What exactly do policy experts mean when stressing the importance of an "integrated approach" to regional policy-making?


Urban regeneration: a top priority for cohesion policy

Addressing the meeting of EU ministers for housing and urban development in the Spanish city of Toledo on 21 and 22 June, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn has underlined the importance of sustainable and integrated urban development for the future cohesion policy.


New Control and Audit Guidelines

As from 15 December 2009 on, a revised version of the Control and Audit Guidelines as well as new First Level Control (FLC) templates are compulsary to be used for Lead partners, project partners and FLC bodies within the Central Europe Programme.


Central Europe Programme: 37 new projects

Central Europe Programme: 37 new projects improve cooperation among regions for the benefits of citizens

On 12 and 13 November 2009 the Monitoring Committee of the transnational Programme Central Europe decided in Budapest on new projects to be co-funded within the Second call for project proposals.


New solutions in sight for project funding

The EU institutions are still holding talks aimed at working out a solution to the latest proposal for simplification of the Structural Funds, presented by the European Commission in July 2009.


ACT4PPP Starts European cooperation on public private partnership

Against the huge challenges of the worldwide financial and economic crisis an active and intelligent teamplay of public and private partners becomes more and more crucial for ensuring further prosperity, attractiveness and competitiveness of our cities and regions.



PPP-Projekte in Deutschland 2009 Erfahrungen, Verbreitung, Perspektiven. Ergebnisbericht

Sonderveröffentlichung des difu Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik

Etwa ein Viertel der Kommunen und Länder, die Ende 2008/Anfang 2009 vom Deutschen Institut für Urbanistik zu ihren Erfahrungen und Planungen mit PPP-Infrastrukturprojekten befragt wurden, wollen in den nächsten fünf Jahren eines oder mehrere PPP-Vorhaben anstoßen und umsetzen.


New publication on the urban dimension in EU policies

The European Union contributes to the sustainable development of urban areas through a range of policies and initiatives which cover many areas of activity.


PPP project analysis - Reasons and motives for the non-realisation of PPP projects of the public authority

The initiativ group of Partnerschaften Deutschland ( ÖPP Deutschland AG), Initiative Fianzstandort Deutschland (IFD) and other German partners have published a PPP project analysis concerning the reasons and motives for the non-realisation and failure of PPP projects of the public authority.


Developing and Assessing Strategic Transnational Co-operation Projects

Eds.: Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (BMVBS) / Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR), Bonn 2009


Impacts and Benefits of Transnational Projects (INTERREG III B)

Forschungen 138, Ed.: Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (BMVBS) / Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning (BBR), Bonn 2009