Central Europe Programme: 37 new projects

Central Europe Programme: 37 new projects improve cooperation among regions for the benefits of citizens

On 12 and 13 November 2009 the Monitoring Committee of the transnational Programme Central Europe decided in Budapest on new projects to be co-funded within the Second call for project proposals. Out of 137 eligible project applications, the Committee recommended 37 projects for funding in the fields of innovation, accessibility, environment and competitiveness of cities and regions. A total sum of roughly 72,5 million Euros out of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) will be allocated to these projects.

The funded projects, which have to include partners from at least three out of eight EU Member States participating in the Central Europe Programme, involve 53 regions in the Central Europe area. 58 project partners are coming from Austria, 38 from the Czech Republic, 67 from Germany, 65 from Italy, 47 from Hungary, 60 from Poland, 26 projects from Slovakia and further 32 projects from Slovenia.

Broad variety of topics

The approved projects tackle a wide range of different topics which are of clear relevance for the citizens of the area. Projects funded under priority innovation deal among others with the issues of transnational clusters and the collaboration between health care sector players and small and medium sized enterprises. Accessibility projects elaborate better strategies for road safety and environmental innovation for public transport systems. Projects dealing with environment include projects on energy efficiency in urban areas and flood risk management. The competitiveness of regions and cities will be developed through the searching new models for challenging negative impacts of demographic change and revitalization of brownfield areas.

Different to the first call, the Programme offered the possibility to private partners to be Lead Partner in projects in the field of innovation for the first time. 10 private companies applied as Lead Applicants in eligible projects. All together 65 private partners will participate in the different projects.

The first overview on the approved projects can be found here: http://www.central2013.eu/fileadmin/user_upload/Downloads/2nd_call/List_for_web.pdf

(Source: http://www.central2013.eu/central-news/news-detail/article/7/central-europe-programme-37-new-projects-improve-cooperation-among-regions-for-the-benefits-of-citi.html?PHPSESSID=49de8f7e0ed2c18011a676db1dd48e26)